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Adjustable Air Beds








                                             Personalized sleep at the touch of a button                                                                                                                                     cropped pump numbers




Digital Air Bed Pump Technology

Each control system comes standard with two wired hand pendants that feature large, easily readable digital graphics. Next Generation, medical grade air chambers & pump technology allows you to adjust your support exactly how you want it.

• Patent Pending Air Lock pump is extremely fast,Whisper Quiet and won't lose pressure throughout the night

• An easy to use remote with 65 different comfort settings, as compared to just 20 for other brands

• Hassle-Free---Set up takes less than 10 minutes

• Further personalize your night with the highest quality comfort materials in the industry VISCO, LATEX or HIGH DENSITY FOAM

• Unbelievable blend of quality craftsmanship, materials, technology and most importantly---Value!

More Advanced Remote

• Easier to read and easier to use

• More precise comfort and support settings

• 1-Touch Auto Fill quickly and quietly inflates the bed for easier linen changing

• 1-Touch Memory Feature returns to your exact personal settings

• Rapid Scroll readout enables you to quickly find the perfect level of support

Superior Air Chambers

• Advanced chamber technology for enhanced support

• Proven medical grade polyvinyl chloride & polyurethane

• 15mil material transpires moisture but not air, so regardless of the climate, your mattress stays dry and clean inside

• Patented Air Lock Pump

• Extremely fast and quiet dual-output action

• Will not lose air pressure during the night

• Advanced air-compressing and dampening system with a multilevel muffler for super quiet operation

• Non-oil lubricating design creates more purified compressed air

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Air Chamber RF Welding Technology

RF Welding, also known as "Dielectric Welding", is a proven technology used to fuse polymers for high performance applications. Simply stated, a high intensity electromagnetic field is directed through multiple layers of film that is compressed between electrodes. The high frequency radio energy of the magnetic field creates excitement at the molecular level of the films, causing the simultaneous release of heat and a "welding" of the like-kind materials. The resultant bond is as strong as the original materials. The technology works best with polymers that have a high dipole (inherent electronic polarity) such as polyvinyl chloride, and polyurethanes. RF welding frequency is set at 27.12 MHz.

Custom Comfort Bed Technology

  • Modular Construction Handcrafted With Premium Materials
  • Removable, Interchangeable Replacement Parts Available Separately Factory Direct On Line
  • Improved Mattress Hygiene – Our Beds Come Completely Apart For Proper Cleaning
  • Save Money And Be Eco Friendly When You Double The Comfortable Service Life Of Your Bed By Replacing Worn Or Soiled Parts
  • Reduce Your Environmental Footprint: Renew, Reuse, Reduce Solid Waste, Replace Parts Instead Complete Beds
  • As A Sustainable Product We Are Considered Eco Friendly By EPA WasteWise



Key Features


  • Split Configuration Allows Personalization On Both Sides Of The Bed
  • 3” Latex And 3” Memory Foam Comfort Layers Are Also Available For Purchase Separately
  • Bed Comes Completely Apart For Proper Cleaning
  • Cover Panels And 1” Foam Encasement Reflex Overlay Are Removable, Interchangeable And Available For Separate Purchase
  • Naturally Anti-Bacterial, Our ALOE VERA Fabric Treatment Makes Material Hygienic And Very Soft
  • Double The Comfortable Service Life Of Your Bed By Replacing Worn Or Soiled Bed Parts Instead Of Replacing The Complete Mattress.
  • Reduce Your Environmental Footprint With Our Sustainable Bed Systems: Renew, Reuse, Prevent Solid Waste

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Box Foundation

  • Solid Wood Foundation
  • Choice Of  9", Or 5" Height

Mattress Sizes

  • Eastern King = 76x80
  • California King = 72x84
  • Queen = 60x80
  • Full = 54x75 (Double)
  • TXL = 38x80 (Twin Extra Long)
  • Twin = 38x75
  • Zippered Mattress Covers Fit All Models Of The Same Size
  • 2” Foam Overlays Fit All Models With 2” Euro Top
  • 3” Foam Overlays Fit All Models With 3” Euro Top
  • Add Foam Overlays And Matching Euro Top Gusset To Upgrade   Any Mattress Model Without A Euro Top.