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Memory Foam Beds


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Cool-Contour™ Memory Foam


Our High quality, American Made, High Density, visco-elastic memory foam is designed to prevent deterioration of the cell structure, splitting or cracking. Cool-Contour™ Memory Foam Conforms to your body while regulating your body temperature. Made with odor-free castor oil and recycled foam polymers. Open cell structure keeps bed cooler by allowing air movement, and absorbs heat for cooler sleep. Soy based Memory foam leaves a lower carbon footprint.


Custom Comfort Bed Technology

  • Modular Construction Handcrafted With Premium Materials
  • Removable, Interchangeable Replacement Parts Available Separately Factory Direct On Line
  • Improved Mattress Hygiene – Our Beds Come Completely Apart For Proper Cleaning
  • Save Money And Be Eco Friendly When You Double The Comfortable Service Life Of Your Bed By Replacing Worn Or Soiled Parts
  • Reduce Your Environmental Footprint: Renew, Reuse, Reduce Solid Waste, Replace Parts Instead Complete Beds
  • As A Sustainable Product We Are Considered Eco Friendly By EPA WasteWise


Key Features

  • Split Configuration Allows Personalization On Both Sides Of The Bed
  • 3” Latex And 3” Memory Foam Comfort Layers Are Also Available For Purchase Separately
  • Bed Comes Completely Apart For Proper Cleaning
  • Cover Panels And 1” Foam Encasement Reflex Overlay Are Removable, Interchangeable And Available For Separate Purchase
  • Naturally Anti-Bacterial, Our ALOE VERA Fabric Treatment Makes Material Hygienic And Very Soft
  • Double The Comfortable Service Life Of Your Bed By Replacing Worn Or Soiled Bed Parts Instead Of Replacing The Complete Mattress.
  • Reduce Your Environmental Footprint With Our Sustainable Bed Systems: Renew, Reuse, Prevent Solid Waste

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Box Foundation

  • Solid Wood Foundation
  • Choice Of  9", Or 5" Height

Mattress Sizes

  • Eastern King = 76x80
  • California King = 72x84
  • Queen = 60x80
  • Full = 54x75 (Double)
  • TXL = 38x80 (Twin Extra Long)
  • Twin = 38x75
  • Zippered Mattress Covers Fit All Models Of The Same Size
  • 2” Foam Overlays Fit All Models With 2” Euro Top
  • 3” Foam Overlays Fit All Models With 3” Euro Top
  • Add Foam Overlays And Matching Euro Top Gusset To Upgrade   Any Mattress Model Without A Euro Top.