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Why Flotation?

Our manufacturer's have the track record and experience to build a superior waterbed, not to mention 11 patents. They are one of the largest domestic US producers of waterbeds with 20 years experience and sales of more than 1,000,000 units to satisfied clients in over 30 countries. They have survived in an industry flooded with imports by offering value and quality.

Members of our staff sleep on waterbeds. Here is why.  

  • Adjustable support simply by adding more or less water to personal taste
  • The therapeutic benefit of a heated bed
  • Reduced pressure points for a more restful night’s sleep
  • One continuous level of comfort for the life of the mattress – no changes in support from the first day to the last
  • Dual mattress waterbed systems are available that allow both sleepers to independently adjust both firmness and temperature
  • Waterbeds are the original Sustainable bed system featuring removable interchangeable parts since their inception in the early 1960’s
  • Sleep Green, Renew, Reuse, Recycle.  Besides being a sustainable product, the PVC water bag can be recycled into garden hoses or other useful products. 

For those of us that have owned one of the 20 million waterbeds sold, you already understand that a waterbed delivers the same level of support and comfort from the first day it is installed until the last. A properly filled waterbed contours to each sleeper’s particular shape and size distributing weight over more area of your body. When you reduce pressure points you reduce tossing and turning caused when sleepers move to restore blood circulation to parts of the body where pressure has caused capillary occlusion, where the smallest blood vessels are closed off by the weight of your body. 

Waterbeds do such a good job distributing support and reducing pressure points they are have been used for 30 years to help with the prevention of bed sores for bed ridden patients.

For the best of both worlds, see our Custom Comfort Flotation bed systems.  It is the marriage of two outstanding sleep technologies, flotation provides adjustable support and a choice of Firm Latex or Plush memory foam overlays are placed on top of the waterbed mattress to distribute support for unequaled luxury.   

See how far the Waterbed has come in the last 30 years



Custom Comfort Bed Technology

  • Modular Construction Handcrafted With Premium Materials
  • Removable, Interchangeable Replacement Parts Available Separately Factory Direct On Line
  • Improved Mattress Hygiene – Our Beds Come Completely Apart For Proper Cleaning
  • Save Money And Be Eco Friendly When You Double The Comfortable Service Life Of Your Bed By Replacing Worn Or Soiled Parts
  • Reduce Your Environmental Footprint: Renew, Reuse, Reduce Solid Waste, Replace Parts Instead Complete Beds
  • As A Sustainable Product We Are Considered Eco Friendly By EPA WasteWise

Key Features

  • Split Configuration Allows Personalization On Both Sides Of The Bed
  • 3” Latex And 3” Memory Foam Comfort Layers Are Also Available For Purchase Separately
  • Bed Comes Completely Apart For Proper Cleaning
  • Cover Panels And 1” Foam Encasement Reflex Overlay Are Removable, Interchangeable And Available For Separate Purchase
  • Naturally Anti-Bacterial, Our ALOE VERA Fabric Treatment Makes Material Hygienic And Very Soft
  • Double The Comfortable Service Life Of Your Bed By Replacing Worn Or Soiled Bed Parts Instead Of Replacing The Complete Mattress.
  • Reduce Your Environmental Footprint With Our Sustainable Bed Systems: Renew, Reuse, Prevent Solid Waste

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Box Foundation

  • Solid Wood Foundation
  • Choice Of  9", Or 5" Height

Mattress Sizes

  • Eastern King = 76x80
  • California King = 72x84
  • Queen = 60x80
  • Full = 54x75 (Double)
  • TXL = 38x80 (Twin Extra Long)
  • Twin = 38x75
  • Zippered Mattress Covers Fit All Models Of The Same Size
  • 2” Foam Overlays Fit All Models With 2” Euro Top
  • 3” Foam Overlays Fit All Models With 3” Euro Top
  • Add Foam Overlays And Matching Euro Top Gusset To Upgrade   Any Mattress Model Without A Euro Top.